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With an influx of new drug and alcohol treatment centers in Johannesburg it is even more important to find out what to look for. Gauteng addiction treatment centers vary so much.

We offer a 24/7 call line to help you find the most suitable drug and alcohol treatment center in Johannesburg.

So much will depend on your addiction history, have you attended a rehab center in Gauteng before, how long were you there and what was your treatment outcome?

It is so important that there is emphasis on how to maintain your “recovery” on a day to day basis or life after treatment, as we call it.

If you are limited financially where can you get the best addiction treatment and for the longest term possible. We can help you answer all those questions at a difficult time and refer you to the most suitable rehab center for your needs.

You often hear the words “quality treatment”, “excellent treatment” what does all that really mean? The most important thing is the in depth treatment programme, what it covers and its counsellors that implement and guide you in this.

 Johannesburg Drug and Alcohol Rehabs

This addiction rehab in Gauteng offers the complete package. You enter at the Primary Care Level on day one. The Doctor is on call to make your detox comfortable, including a medical check, whatever the addiction is.

Once this has been done, you get onboard the treatment programme. The therapeutic timetable is very full. There is group therapy, life skills, lectures and individual weekly counselling.

They provide a therapeutic experience that offer people suffering from all addictions to address all underlying psychological, physical, and spiritual needs.

There is a very personalized attention, each client is allocated a personal counsellor for the duration of their stay. Families also play an important part here in the process, so all families and loved one are encouraged to attend some sessions.

Once you have spent time in your Primary Care, you then can move on to Secondary Care, where you start to practice the new “recovery” life skills you have learnt.

This addiction center also offer complimentary holistic treatment. As well as swimming pool.

Gauteng Addiction Treatment Centers for Drug and Alcohol

Is inpatient or outpatient treatment the best way forward, when you go to this Rehab Center in Johannesburg they can assess you and decide what mode of addiction treatment is best for you? If you feel you can be contained in a more open environment outpatient treatment can work, if you have work commitments and need a shorter inpatient stay, this too might be possible. There just is the flexibility to arrange this.

All clients participate in groups and individual treatment, including experiential process groups, gender-specific groups, spiritual groups, individual counseling, and family counseling.

We know and understand committing to addiction treatment is a huge decision and here you will be given all the support and nurturing to help make that decision.

They offer a high level of care, coupled with holistic healing all of which help bring about changes and a balanced life style.

Addiction Clinics in Johannesburg

Let us help you find the right and most affordable addiction treatment in Joburg that suits your financial situation. The longest term is not always the best option, it all depends on the center you go to. I always believe if you have never had any form of addiction treatment, 3 months minimum is the best way forward, giving yourself reasonable time to start the process of healing and to get your life back on track.

If there is only medical aid, they tend to cover 21 days minimum, without medical aid cash payments on admission is normally the case.

Some Gauteng addiction treatment clinics offer a detox followed by attending their Outpatient Programme.

This Addiction Clinic offers more flexibility in treatment, remembering that each case is looked at differently.

The first week settling in you are assigned a buddy, who supports you through the time you are there, especially at the start to finding your feet again, in the “sober world”.

You are also allocated a counsellor who will guided you through the programme.

Apart from the qualified Addiction Counsellors, there are life and wellness coaches all of whom work with you through your period in treatment.

Continued Support is offered well beyond your inpatient stay, there is aftercare groups, individual counselling sessions and family follow up sessions.

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