Cape Town Out Patient Addiction Treatment Programme

This is a unique, drug, alcohol, eating disorders and gambling out-patient programme that incorporates many therapeutic elements to create a “whole person” approach to recovery, facilitated through the introduction of several complementary therapies, helping to bring the client closer to achieving a balance of mind, body and spirit.

The outpatient programme can be built to accommodate your work commitments and busy lifestyle. The minimum term is 8 weeks, however 12 weeks is recommended and can build a much stronger foundation of recovery. The sessions are either 3 times a week or twice a week, this all depends on the history and clients situation. In addition to this there are family/partner sessions three times during the period. Experience has shown us the longer the term/treatment the better the long term outcome.

We specialize in one on one therapeutic treatment and 12 step coaching, coupled with lifestyle and wellness skills.  Through out the course of your treatment you will work side by side with your counsellor  to continually gauge and adjust the frequency of your care. This programme also includes dual diagnosis.

This enviroment provides a safe and nurturing space where addicts can begin mending lives torn apart by alcohol and drugs and other obsessive disorders.

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Outpatient Treatment Center Cape Town Model

This programme is based on the highly acclaimed Minnesota model of addiction, and is an 8 or 12 week programme using the principles of 12 step recovery.

The twelve steps are the backbone of recovery. Since 1935, nothing has proven as effective as the 12 Steps in the field of addiction and recovery.

The programme consists of:

Lectures and guest speakers
Group therapy
Individual counselling
Family sessions
Written assignments
Life story

Educational lectures are tailored to give the client an understanding of the disease of addiction and many life skills to enable the addict to cope with life on life’s terms.

Some of these that are covered on this programme are:

– Denial
– Disease model
– Communication
– Anger and resentment
– Cravings
– Relapse prevention
– Addictive thinking
– Assertiveness
– Boundaries
– Honesty
– Steps 1/2/3
– Living the programme
– Working the 12 Step Programme
– Stress management
– Powerlessness
– Acceptance
– Creating a balance
– Living in recovery
– Change
– Fear (face everything and recover)
– Returning to work
– Working through shame
– Addictive behavior/thinking
– Dealing with crisis
– Feelings/emotions

Group and individual therapy look to address the underlying factors that cause and maintain the disease of addiction. Group therapy sessions allow patients to share personal issues in an atmosphere of trust, safety, care and compassion.

A treatment plan is individually designed between counsellor and client to ensure all needs are met.

Each participant is nurtured and supported throughout the process and programme by a qualified counsellor, ensuring all objectives are met.

We also provide individual counselling throughout the 8/12 weeks, to be arranged at a separate time to the programme.

Their schedule is designed to accommodate those with busy working lives. Participation is three times per week for 8/12 weeks. Either evenings or daytime, to suit your needs.

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