Cape Town Addiction Treatment Rehabs

Drug & Alcohol Treatment in Cape Town is very popular, not only are most the drug and alcohol treatment centers in the Cape set in stunning locations, the quality of treatment is high. But be thoughtful of making the right choice and ask us for help and our experienced advice and we can refer you for no charge.

If you want to be on the outskirts of town, this Cape Town Treatment Center is ideal.

They are situated in a warm and comfortable house, where you could easily be at home. There is a less clinical environment here.

The addiction treatment programme is based on the highly successful 12 Steps, with lots of integration in your spare time to Narcotics Anonymous meetings and Alcoholics Anonymous too. This allows you to start to establish a foundation and network of support in recovery.

There is a very long standing and experienced team of counsellors here, some in recovery themselves, all of which only enhance your process. The addiction treatment programme leaves no stone uncovered, as long as you are willing to make the changes needed to sustain your recovery.

Cape Town Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment Centers

Addiction Treatment Centers in Cape Town, Western Cape is second to none.

This Cape Town Treatment Center also boasts a Tertiary Care or halfway house as some call it, this is a superb way of integrating back into the real world, with support and being able to use all the skills learnt in treatment.

Most treatment centers now have Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Care under one roof, it makes sense, so not to disturb your continued process.

All patients enter treatment once they have gone through the detox period, medically and physically cleared.

All clients are very involved in the treatment and attendance is a must to all groups, lectures and recovery groups and workshops.

Like all addiction treatment centers they deal with dual diagnosis and have psychiatrist and psychologist present.

Clients participate in a customized treatment plan, according to their needs. Once again attendance to NA and/or AA meeting out of the center allows all clients to connect with others and gain hands on life experience in recovery.

Rehabs for Addiction Treatment Cape Town

Take those steps and call us today for free, to find your rehab in Cape Town. We can take your medical aid details, confirm the amount and arrange your assessment in the rehabilitation center for an immediate admission.

We have an addiction treatment center based on the beautiful False Bay Coastline. What a serene place to get treatment.

The programme offered here is the famous 12 steps, which really give you the skills to maintain your recovery. In addition to the well-rounded treatment programme there are lots of supervised beach walks and outings.

After a busy day of groups, lectures and full on programme, there are plenty of local AA and NA meeting that you will attend.

This extremely qualified team of counsellors are there to support the changes that are needed for your recovery. Learning to be with self and not enter into addictive thinking and behavior are just some of the many skills they will teach you.

For free advice on any addiction related issue call us today and we will help you.

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