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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Johannesburg and Pretoria are many, so locating the right Addiction Treatment in Johannesburg is vital. Here are a few of the Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in Joburg we refer to, they treat all Addictions, including eating disorders, gambling, sex and porn addiction.

They have a 28 or 42 day inpatient addiction treatment facility. As well as a 12 week Secondary Care programme. There is also a Tertiary care and outpatient programme.

This rehabilitation center focuses on person-centered counseling and is geared also for holistic detox of the mind, body and soul, for a sustainable ongoing recovery. They have four different addiction programmes to ensure they are able to cater for differing profiles and the ongoing needs of all patients in recovery.

Their world class treatment facilities are run and managed by accredited professionals and counsellors, some of whom are recovering addicts or alcoholics themselves. This contributes greatly towards the overall atmosphere of compassion and acceptance within the group.
This rehab centers aim is to treat all clients with dignity and respect.

Based on tried and proven 12-step abstinence programmes, treatment schedules include:

Screening and assessment;
Medical assessment;
One-on-one counselling;
Group therapy;
Addiction education;
Re-integration programmes;
Fitness and health care;
Relapse prevention;
Family groups; and

They have Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Care facilities, as well as an Outpatient programme.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center – Johannesburg

This drug and alcohol rehab center is unique in that it offers long-term residential treatment. Once you’ve completed an initial detoxification or primary programme , you take up residence at the centre where you are involved in supportive group discussions, individual therapy sessions, workshops and more. Once you feel able, you can return to work during the day and come back to the residence at night. This is also the basis of the outpatient programme.

“This addiction rehab is a place for you to gather your strength, to feel supported, and to come back to at the end of each day while you take those first steps on your own.”

Medical detox
28 day inpatient programme
8 week secondary/tertiary care programme
8 week outpatient programme
12 step orientation
Ongoing treatment & support after completion of primary treatment
Regular individual therapy
Daily group therapy
Educational workshops
Post treatment counselling
Family support
Leisure activities, including community coffee shop
Medical and psychiatric support
Relaxation techniques
Practical personal spirituality

Addiction Rehab Center for Drug & Alcohol Treatment and all other Addictions, Randburg Johannesburg

This Addiction Treatment Center is beautifully situated in the Northcliff area, North of Gauteng.

With the insight into the daily demand of substance abuse this addiction rehab has a well-trained team of professional experts onboard. You will also find, Medical Doctors, Clinicians, Counsellors and other trusted professionals. These experts form an extended family for the recovering addict, as they make their way through the rehabilitation process. They offer Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Care.

They are a facility with very clear and strong boundaries and treat their clients professionally with dignity and love, they offer Dual Diagnosis Treatment in the form of an Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment Centre as well as a Halfway House, treating Addictions and Addictive Disorders as well as underlying Psychiatric Disorders. They are a registered facility with the Department of Health & Social Development and are registered with all medical aids.

This Addiction Rehab Center offers an excellent daily therapeutic program and provides a safe haven for those suffering from addiction. Staffed, with a kind and dedicated team that helps clients get through the withdrawal phase and move on to the rest of their recovery.

Their program is able to achieve a high degree of success in breaking down the denial system by an approach that combines many essential features:

  • They surround their clients with care, concern and understanding and offer support, assistance and treat them with dignity and respect.
  • The rehab center allows for intimate groups and individual attention.
  • They provide their clients with a multitude of facts and education about their illness and its negative consequences and the nature of their illness (the disease of addiction).
  • A multi-disciplinary approach based on abstinence, positive affirmation, intensive counselling and adherence to a structured 12-step recovery program.
  • They support their clients to live without chemical dependency and work a program of abstinence coupled with teaching them new coping mechanisms.
  • Providing ongoing recovery and focus on relapse prevention and programs.
  • Empower their clients to take responsibility for their own recovery and lives.

What is on offer?

arrowAssessment and screening
arrowMedically supervised detoxification regime
arrowPsychiatric evaluation / Dual diagnosis
arrowIndividual counselling
arrowGroup therapy
arrowCognitive therapeutic groups
arrowDidactic groups
arrowLife skills groups
arrowOutpatient programme
arrowSupport groups
arrowFamily counselling
arrowUrine testing, Breathalysing
arrowHalfway house
arrowOutpatient program, ongoing support & supervision

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