Addiction Treatment Centers Cape Town

Which Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in Cape Town is for me? What Addiction Treatment Center in Cape Town is right?

Rehab Centers in Cape Town offer a wide variety of addiction treatment for all Addictions.

Some of Cape Town’s Rehabs are internationally recognized and well established Addiction Treatment Centers.

Whether you need an Outpatient Program or short or long term treatment or just Private Counselling we can help you make the correct choice.

Cape Town Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programme

Many offer primary care, secondary care and tertiary care addiction treatment, all under one roof, so if you are looking for “longer term stay” this can be most beneficial. Once you are settled in the center, you can move through the different levels of treatment without having to pack up and leave your familiar surroundings.

Most of the addiction rehabs have detox facilities and do accept most medical aids.

Many addiction rehab centers are set in beautiful and serene surroundings.  Some have a more clinical “feel” to them, where some are in a more rural and rustic settings. The majority have a strong “12 Step” addiction treatment programme.

The most important people are the medical professionals who care for the recovering addicts. You will expect to find a team of highly trained professionals. With Psychologists, medical Doctors, and qualified addiction counsellors. These experts form an extended family for the recovering addict and walk with them on their journey of recovery.

What to expect

Screening and assessment
Medical assessment
Group Therapy
Individual Counselling
12 Step written work
Life skills
Family support and counselling
Relapse prevention
Integration/attendance to Alcoholics and Narcotics anonymous
Aftercare planning

Other Facilities Provided

Option of accommodation
Luxury suites
Swimming Pool
Holistic Therapies
Group activities
Television (Time restricted)
Gym equipment
Tuck shop
Three nutritionally balanced meals per day
Strictest confidentiality

Drug Treatment Cape Town

This drug rehab in Cape Town has an excellent track record and is very well established, coupled with a solid addiction treatment program. The councelling team have been in the addiction treatment industry for many years. The have an extended primary care and tertiary care facility. They have detox facilities and 24 hour nursing staff. It is a complete abstinence based program, the 12 steps.

This addiction treatment center offers a great foundation to start the journey of recovery.

Located in a beautiful Victorian home, situated in on of Cape Towns leafy suburbs, a truly nurturing environment for healing to begin.

Cape Town Rehab Centers

This Cape Town addiction treatment center offers a serene setting for addiction treatment. They also offer a supportive and intimate environment to start the process of moving the addict from addiction to recovery. There is a good structured daily routine and program all of which helps addicts get into a healthy routine too.

It is set in a comfortable residential home, it intakes low numbers so assuring quality of care for all patients. It creates a family atmosphere which helps patients create new friendships and support structures.

They focus on all areas of the illness, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically. It help addicts start to take responsibility for their actions and take responsibility.

For full details and admission costs of the rehab centers call us today and let us help and support you to make an informed decision, on choosing the right addiction treatment center for your needs.


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