Are you looking for an Addiction Treatment center?  Whether it is for a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Cape Town or any Addiction Treatment Center in Johannesburg or Durban, we can help you. There are so many Addiction Rehabs, where do you start? Is Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center best or an Inpatient Addiction Treatment Center.

Finding the right and affordable rehab can be a nightmare and even more stress at a time of desperation, at Addiction Rehabs we will support you in choosing the right Treatment Center. So whether you are looking for an Addiction Rehab Center in Cape Town, Drug Alcohol Rehab in Durban, Johannesburg or other areas, call us today.

We are not linked to any individual Addiction Treatment Center like some referral companies are, we are totally independent and there is no fee to you for our professional experience and advice. All the Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers we work with accept Medical Aid.

Justin Villiers, the owner of Addiction Rehabs, is a qualified addictions counsellor and has been in the Addiction Treatment industry for many years, himself a “recovering addict”. He knows all the different types of Addiction Rehab Treatment and has gained first-hand knowledge of the quality of the Alcohol and Drug Rehab Treatment Industry. He personally knows many of the Addiction Treatment, Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab Centers and over the years he has worked with many of them.

With his vast knowledge, empathy and understanding he will give you the right and appropriate Addiction Rehab Center referral, based on your Addiction history and current needs and situation, eliminating the risk of you making a costly uninformed decision.

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We can also offer drug, alcohol Interventions if you are struggling to get your loved one into a rehab. We also offer a Private and Individual Addiction Counselling.

So whether you are looking for an addiction treatment rehab center in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban or anywhere in South Africa contact us today! All calls are treated in the strictest confidence …

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