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Cape Town, Addiction Counselling is terribly important to maintain your Recovery. So I offer individual Drug & Alcohol counselling, which includes recovery coaching, relapse prevention, life skills and any issues that arise in Recovery. This is for all addictions. Sometimes with your first admission into inpatient treatment, you do not cover all your issues and the time can be so limited to make the changes you need. I will work with you to get you to achieve your goals and sustain your recovery.

If you have attended an inpatient program and need continued support/counselling or want to join our outpatient program  I can help you. All sessions can be tailored to suit you. I work evenings and weekends as well as office hours. I can offer private one on one counselling or you have the option to join a small group of no more than 5 people. These small groups allow more time to be spent on individuals in the group process.

Addiction a family disease

If you are a family member, struggling with your loved ones addiction, contact me for support.
How do you deal with an addict? What is best for them? What to expect? There are so many question to be answered and solved. I so often find while the addict starts his treatment process, the partner/family member is left reeling from the years of being with a using addict and it takes its toll.  It is a family illness and affects everyone.

Some of the issues that arise:

He/she is resistant to treatment
He/she is in rehab, what next?
What to expect?
How shall I behave when they leave treatment
How to start the healing process
Getting back balance
Effects on our children

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